Gull athlete, surfer Tiana-Breeze de Mooij, is set to leave Tauranga tomorrow for the U.K., joining hundreds of pro surfers from around the world that flock to the European coastline to compete in the Qualifying Series of the Championship Tour.

The first stop on the leg and the first competition for de Mooij, is the Boardmasters, Quiksilver & Roxy Open. This is being held at Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall and the first chance for surfers and de Mooij to compete for one of 17 spots given on the World Championship Tour. Tiana-Breeze will arrive a few days early to get in some practise at Fistral Beach and to settle in in preparation for her six weeks away.

During the six weeks, Tiana-Breeze will be travelling through four countries. After the competition in Cornwell, England, the series then heads south into France to Lacanau for the Caraïbos Lacanau Pro. Tiana-Breeze will be joined by her father and after flying to France they will pick up a camper to tour around in. After the competition in Lacanau, they will drive to Chambre d’Amour where Tiana-Breeze is on the waitlist for the third edition of the Pro Anglet.

Tiana-Breeze has been training hard over the last couple of weeks, focusing on cardio, core and leg strength, which all play a big role in her surfing. de Mooij has been going to the gym four times a week and surfing whenever there are waves.

When asked about how Tiana-Breeze is feeling about competing, “I am a very competitive person so I am really excited. It will be such an awesome experience surfing against some of the top open women in the world! Competing agains the best will build me to be the best!”

Tiana-Breeze is setting off hoping to gain experience and to learn and grow as a competitor and traveller. Stay tuned to Gull Sports to follow Tiana-Breeze’s journey.