Gull Sports was born about 6 years ago, firstly with motorsport, sponsoring up-and-coming athletes, and has now grown into an elite sports programme. We encourage our talented athletes to be the best they can be, as it’s not always about results for us, but assisting them with growing new skills and goals. Gull tend to be a ‘first’ sponsor for our athletes and some of the ways we support is to coach them through contracts and media training and assist with funding for competition entry fees, new gear and equipment, and fuel vouchers, so they can advance to their next level.

Many of our athletes are striving to get to the Olympics or to be the best at their chosen sport and we tend to support sportspeople who are involved in sports with less nationwide-focus and not so popular with funding.Our current athletes are involved in BMX and Downhill Mountain Biking, Surfing, Kayaking, Extreme Running, Freeride Jet skiing, as well as various Motorsports. They are maverick weekend warriors, living and breathing their sport and Gull fuel their missions to get there.

We only accept applications from those based in the North Island of New Zealand as Gull currently only have sites in the North Island and we are unable to offer fuel support in the South Island. Sorry South Islanders! It’s on our wish list to make it south soon!

Please ensure when applying for sponsorship that you adhere to our requirements of being North-Island based and take into account the support we can offer and if you will fit in with our current athlete programme. We are regularly on the lookout for athletes in different sports to add to our talented group that we currently support.